eero for Your Business

What are the Benefits of eero for Business?

Simple setup and easy to manage.

eero for Business is easy to setup and manage, even for non-technical users, with access to eero support to assist should any additional guidance be required.


Compliance included.

Prompt users to accept guest wifi terms and conditions, and provide acceptable usage policies and privacy notices at login.


Reliable wifi that keeps you connected.

eero Internet Backup keeps you connected even when your wired connection goes down. Leverage our business internet expertise to help keep your wifi running smoothly.


Create up to four different networks.

Multiple SSIDs enable businesses to set up multiple networks. This allows companies to keep employee and business critical devices separate from the other connected devices, such as guest devices.


Create a customized guest wifi experience.

Captive portal enables businesses to create a customized guest wifi experiences, with a branded login screen and branded colors.


Set guest wifi usage limits.

Leverage customer controls to set bandwidth and session duration limits for guest wifi users.

What's Included in eero for Business?