Internet FAQs

Why Choose Bluepeak Internet for Your Business?

Your business deserves high-speed broadband at the highest level.

Bluepeak Business Fiber Internet is 100% fiber-optic built from the ground up, and equipped with the most advanced Wi-Fi routers that use a “mesh” technology to give your businesses fast, secure, and reliable Wi-Fi coverage for entire-premises.

Benefits Include:

Advanced security Wi-Fi solutions

State-of-the-art hardware

No data caps

Dedicated 24/7 customer support, and

The best price possible

What are the Benefits of eero for Business?

Simple setup and easy to manage.

eero for Business is easy to setup and manage, even for non-technical users, with access to eero support to assist should any additional guidance be required.

Compliance included.

Prompt users to accept guest Wi-Fi terms and conditions, and provide acceptable usage policies and privacy notices at login.


Reliable Wi-Fi that keeps you connected.

eero Internet Backup keeps you connected even when your wired connection goes down. Leverage our business internet expertise to help keep your Wi-Fi running smoothly.

Create up to four different networks.

Multiple SSIDs enable businesses to set up multiple networks. This allows companies to keep employee and business critical devices separate from the other connected devices, such as guest devices.

What's Included in eero for Business?

More FAQs

What is eero Insight?

eero Insight is a network management tool where business owners can manage multiple locations, view advanced analytics, network topology history, device health, troubleshoot network issues, and more.

What is TrueMesh?

TrueMesh is an eero technology that allows eero systems to adapt to customers' usages and needs to optimize Wi-Fi connection.

Can I use my own router in place of an eero device?

Yes. You may use a compatible 3rd party device, but with eero you get an end-to-end mush Wi-Fi system that blankets your entire home in fast and reliable Wi-Fi.

What happens when my internet goes down?

eero internet Backup helps keep your businesses connected even when your wired connection goes down by letting you set up a nearby mobile hotspot or Wi-Fi network as a backup source. Please refer to page 15 of the eero Secure how-to guide.

What is eero DDNS?

eero DDNS allows you to remotely access your network quickly regardless of if your dynamic IP changes. With the new DDNS feature in eero Plus, users receive a unique hostname for their network that is simple to recognize and recall. With eero Plus, DDNS is built into eero's portfolio, allowing you to manage DDNS from the eero mobile app.

What is Captive Portal?

Captive Portal allows businesses to customize guest Wi-Fi experience and set session duration limits.

What are the benefits of having multiple SSIDs?

Allows businesses to create up to 4 SSIDs to protect employees and critical devices by segmentizing and prioritizing network traffic between user classes to help ensure security for employees and visitors.

How do I customize the guest Wi-Fi experience?

You can do so from the Captive Portal:

  1. Tap on the Settings tab from the eero application
  2. Select the network or add a new guest Wi-Fi you want to customize
  3. Toggle Enable captive portal on and tap Edit captive portal to customize
  4. Enter your guest Wi-Fi header and sub-header in the respective fields
  5. Tap on Session duration and select a time limit for guest access
  6. Tap Theme, select either Light or Dark, then tap Done
How do I view data usage on my Wi-Fi network?

You can view data usage even by device and user profile from the mobile app:

  1. From the Activity tap, tap on Downloaded data to view the overall Wi-Fi data usage
  2. Tap Show Live Usage to view current Wi-Fi data usage
  3. Tab Profiles or Devices to view individual usage
  4. Tap the X in the upper left corner to go back