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Advanced Calling Features – All in the Cloud. Empower your remote and mobile workers to stay connected and collaborate effectively.  

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Advantages of Hosted Voice From Bluepeak

Bluepeak’s Hosted Voice for businesses offers a range of benefits over traditional phone systems. 

No Upfront Capital Costs

Bluepeak Hosted voice eliminates the purchase, installation, and maintenance of onsite equipment.


Allow employees to access their business phone lines from anywhere on any device with an internet connection.

Business Continuity

Built-in disaster recovery capabilities utilize mobility solutions to keep businesses up and always running.


Adding or removing users is stress-free and our phone systems can be installed outside of Bluepeak’s serviceable area to accommodate your growing business.

Unified Communications

Integrated voice, video, messaging and collaboration tools are featured in a single platform, to streamline communications and enhance productivity.

Easy Management

User-friendly web interfaces make it simple for administrators to add or configure phone lines and features.

Tailored For Your Business

We won’t just replace what you have. Bluepeak will partner with you to make it better. We’ll help you design a customized phone system that improves the processes and flows of your business.

Local Support

Bluepeak doesn’t just ship customers their phones and wish them luck. Bluepeak offers onsite installation, training and support.

One Provider

Eliminate the need to contact multiple vendors to make changes or solve issues. Bluepeak owns the product and support all the way through.

Bluepeak offers a variety of voice solutions to meet any size and need. Whether you have three phones in a small business or hundreds of phones in a contact center, we have the right solution for you. 

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