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“Bluepeak bringing fiber internet here is opening the door for our town to be all it can be.”
Matt Baumgartner, pastor and local business owner, Laramie, Wyoming

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0 140,000 households and counting

Bluepeak is expanding across more states, cities, and towns, connecting fiber internet to hundreds of thousands of homes. We’re all about improving connectivity and growing opportunities in the heartland.

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Where we’re growing

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How it works


We mark

Safety is one of our many priorities. Before digging, we work with local authorities to mark underground utility pipes with flags and spray paint.


We prep

Our construction teams then set fiber-optic access points at public easements, working at every step to minimize any impact to your property.


We lay

Utilizing the location markings, our teams expose the existing underground utilities in order to install conduits through which we set the fiber cables.


We tidy

Once construction is complete, we remove the markers and rake, seed, and/or straw your lawn wherever digging has occurred. Our aim is to leave every construction area in better shape than we found it.

Committed to community

Just like we’re all about improving connectivity in local communities, nothing makes us prouder than getting involved and making a difference in the cities and towns we serve.

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Fast, reliable, affordable


Bluepeak Fiber is the internet improved

Children with laptop

Equal upload and download speeds as fast as 5 gigs/second means less waiting, more action. Delays? With Bluepeak Fiber internet there’s no such thing.

Big family? Multiple devices in multiple rooms? With less interference from weather, Bluepeak Fiber internet makes lag a thing of the past. This is high-performance internet you can count on.

No data limits + no term contracts + no price hikes = a happy wallet. Fiber internet shouldn’t break the bank.

Bluepeak Fiber internet runs on an incredibly energy-efficient network. Not only is the future bright, but it’s green too.

The Bluepeak difference

We can actually run all six Xboxes at the same time. I never hear complaining about lagging anymore. It’s amazing how fast it is. And reliable too.

Joseph Pawlikowski,
family of 7 who no longer have to ration their bandwidth.

I couldn’t believe how fast the installation was and how inobtrusive the process was. It’s total night-and-day from what we’ve had in the past.

Matt Baumgartner,
pastor and local business owner, who went from a video upload taking 16 hours to less than 2 minutes.

We’re four or five times faster, since we’ve got Bluepeak. We’ve exceeded what our previous two providers—combined—said they could provide for bandwidth.

Mike Barrett, Household of 5, including a daughter who “lives” on her gaming computer and a mother-in-law downstairs.

I have talked it up to any person I can grab their ear on. The price for the quality of service is second to none.

Mike Podoll, who can now work from home without meetings freezing, plus no more complaints from his kids about internet issues.

Reaching more homes every day