Our Fiber-Optic Network Is Growing

We’re bringing fiber-optic speed to more communities. Prepare to start moving at the speed of light. Here’s what you need to know as we continue to grow our network.

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What does construction entail and what will your crews be doing?


Before we begin, you’ll see flags and spray paint in your yard and along roads and sidewalks to mark underground utilities (such as water and gas lines). Once we notify 811 that we’re breaking ground, we make these marks to make sure our crews can work safely and avoid any interruptions to your utilities.


Construction teams work in public easements on or near your property to set fiber-optic access points known as pedestals. Where possible, we combine pedestals with other utilities or install ground-level units when other utilities are not present. This minimizes any impact to your property.


Our team starts by exposing the existing underground utilities by digging around the locate markings. Because we cross the other utilities when we place conduits, we need to know exactly where they are located.


Next, we install conduits and pull fiber through them.


Once construction is complete, we’ll rake, seed, and straw your lawn in the areas where digging occurred. You will have to water the impacted area every day for a week and within a short period your lawn will be back to normal!

Other frequently asked questions

How long will construction take?

Construction will take 1-2 months on average. Once construction begins on your property, it takes about 90 days for fiber service to be up and running in your area.

What should I do to make sure Bluepeak avoids my pet, sprinkler system, fence, sump pump line, or other underground items in my yard during construction?

Construction crews approach your yard with the assumption that there may be private utilities located underground and will do their best to avoid these. If you would like to take an extra precautionary step, please mark areas of concern with pink or white flags or landscape-safe paint to alert crews of the need for caution.

Will Bluepeak make sure my property is left as it was before construction started?

Our crews will do everything they can to minimize any impact to your property. Once construction is complete and weather permits, we’ll restore lawns in areas where digging occurred. Please review this installation process document for any questions you may have.

If the installation process document doesn't answer your questions and your yard isn't to your satisfaction following construction please fill out the form here and we will contact you.

Does Bluepeak have permission to be on my property?

Bluepeak is permitted to access designated utility easements, usually located within the back alley, a strip of land running along the street, sidewalk, a rear lot line, or between two lots. If the easement is within a fenced-in yard, our crew will need your help accessing them.

Can I opt out of installing fiber on my property?

Fiber installation occurs on designated utility easements, which can be used to construct and maintain utility lines. This means that we might need access to the easement through your property. The choice to join Bluepeak’s fiber network is ultimately yours, but we think you will want to.

When can I remove the utility marking flags or paint in my yard?

So that we can minimize the disruption on your property, we strongly encourage you to leave markers and paint in place until construction of the network is complete. Utility flags are placed to avoid any disturbances or accidents in the area while work is ongoing, therefore you should not remove utility flags in your yard. Different colored flags signal the different utilities: blue for water, yellow for oil and gas, orange for telecommunications, etc. Any paint markings aren't permanent and should fade over time. We’ll let you know when construction is complete and you can remove the markings.

How can I stay informed throughout the construction process?

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