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Get Bluepeak’s fast, fiber internet in every corner of your home with eero technology.


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What is eero?

eero is a Wi-Fi enhancer that uses TrueMesh technology so you can enjoy a reliable connection throughout your home for streaming and next-level gaming.

The perfect addition to your Bluepeak Fiber Internet

eero 6+

  • Supports speeds up to 1 Gig
  • One eero 6+ covers up to 1,500 square feet
  • Supports 75+ connected devices.
  • Included with 1 Gig- a $139.99 value

eero Pro 6E

  • Supports speeds up to 2 Gigs
  • One eero Pro 6E covers up to 2,000 square feet
  • Supports 100+ connected devices.
  • Included with 2 Gig- a $249.99 value

eero Max 7

  • Supports speeds up to 10 Gigs
  • One eero 7 Max covers up to 2,500 square feet
  • Supports 200+ connected devices.
  • Included with 5 Gig- a $599.99 value

Benefits of eero


Access parental controls, including content filters, entertainment controls, and site blocking with eero Secure.


eero Secure keeps your family’s personal information, devices, and network protected from online threats with world-class security.  


eero optimizes its performance based on your network layout, connected devices, and overall network usage. This means fast speed, efficient coverage, and reliable connection.


Control your connected home devices from anywhere with a simple mobile app.

eero Secure

Advanced Network Protection

eero Secure provides advanced security features to help keep your connected devices safe and secure, and help you stay connected by switching to your mobile hotspot for backup when your wired internet is down. You can manage this connection through the eero mobile app.

Upgrade to eero Plus

eero Plus gives you all the benefits of eero Secure plus eero DDNS, VPN powered by Guardian, and access to top-rated security apps: 1Password and Malwarebytes


With 1Password you only need to memorize a single password. Use it for everything to protect all your information if you don’t share it. You are in control of who knows your password.


VPN powered by Guardian for when you’re home and away. Make your connection secure and private, even on public Wi-Fi.


Malwarebytes blocks ransomware attacks. Protect yourself from identity threats, system sabotage, and unauthorized tracking.


Create an easy-to-remember host name for your network and connect from anywhere using eero DDNS (Dynamic DNS).

eero FAQs

How do I optimize my internet and Wi-Fi performance?

Several important factors, including modem placement, the hardware used, the router firewall, and the number of devices used simultaneously, could significantly impact the quality and reliability of Internet speeds and Wi-Fi connection in the home. Follow these easy tips to optimize your internet and Wi-Fi performances:

  • Modem/router Placement: To get a quality signal across the house, place it in a central location, visible, not inside or behind the cabinet, off the floor, and away from any other equipment that might interfere with the signal, such as microwave ovens, Bluetooth speakers, or other electronic devices.
  • Modem/router Capability: If you use your own router, it must be able to deliver multi-Gbps Wi-Fi speeds. Outdated equipment and firmware can slow down connections.
  • Hardware Limitation: The type of hardware, device age, operating system, network interface card (NIC), and other applications running on the device all affect the speeds. Mobile phones and tablets typically have less sophisticated Wi-Fi antennae than larger devices like laptops which can negatively impact their speed. Customers must have Wi-Fi 6E or Wi-Fi 6-enabled equipment to experience the fastest speeds.
  • Wired Connection
    • Ethernet cables must be Cat6 or greater.
    • 10G switch/router to support their subscribed 2 Gbps or 5 Gbps speed plan.
    • Most devices (e.g., gaming devices, laptops) max out at 1 Gbps. Customers would need to use an Ethernet adapter or a USB that could reach 2 Gbps or 5 Gbps speed.
  • Wireless Connection
    • Stay within range of the router. The closer you are, the better Wi-Fi signal received. Additional routers might be needed to provide Wi-Fi coverage to the entire home.
    • Avoid interference from other Wi-Fi-enabled devices like microwave ovens and cordless phones.
    • No walls or other solid objects are blocking their Wi-Fi signal.
Can I use my own router in place of an eero device?

Yes. You may use a compatible 3rd party device, but with eero you get an end-to-end mush Wi-Fi system that blankets your entire home in fast and reliable Wi-Fi.

What is eero Max 7?
eero Max 7 is eero's fastest, most advanced Wi-Fi system that can put your devices in the fast lane with wired speeds up to 9.4 Gbps and wireless speeds up to 4.3 Gbps.
What is the difference between Wi-Fi 7 and Wi-Fi 6 technology?
Wi-Fi 7 technology can provide more than twice the speed of Wi-Fi 6. It provides lower latency, greater capacity, and more efficiency for all your devices on your network.
What is TrueMesh?

TrueMesh is an eero technology that allows eero systems to adapt to customers' usages and needs to optimize Wi-Fi connection.

How do I download the eero app?
The eero app is available for download in the Apple App Store and Google Play Store. Open the App Store or Google Play link on your mobile phone and search for ‘eero’ to locate the app. The eero app works on supported iOS and Android devices. iOS requirements:
  • Device running iOS 13 or later
Android requirements:
  • Device running Android 7.0 or later (tablets included)
Click here for the eero mobile app user guide.
How do I set up my eero app?
Click here for a step-by-step guide
How do I reboot my eero or network from the app?
If you need to reboot your individual eeros or your entire network, it’s as simple as tapping a button in the eero app. Why would I reboot my eero?  While most customers never need to reboot their eeros, power cycling your electronics is a common troubleshooting step. Also, for your convenience, being able to reboot your eeros from the app means you won't need to unplug each individual eero. Some common reasons to reboot your eeros:
  • You sense slow speeds on your network
  • You’re having an issue with one of your connected devices
  • A connected device is connected to the wrong eero
How do I reboot my eero?  To reboot your eero open the Home tab and tap on the Online status button in the top center of the screen. Tap on the eero you’d like to reboot to open its options menu, then scroll down to “Advanced.” Tap on the Restart button and then select “Restart eero” from the list of sub-options available. For more information click here for the eero mobile app user guide.
How do I use eero’s built-in Zigbee smart home hub? 
In order to activate your built-in hub, you will need to link your eero and Amazon accounts inside of the eero app. Once linked, your smart home hub is enabled and you can start connecting compatible Zigbee devices with Alexa using the Alexa app or any Echo product using your eeros. You can control those Alexa-enabled devices with your voice and set up scenes and schedules to automate your home.