Frequently Asked Questions

Internet Support

I’m having trouble with my internet. What do I do?

On the front of the eero Gateway, there is a LED status light. When everything is running correctly, the eero’s status light will be solid white. Here are some troubleshooting steps you can try.
  1. Check the ADTRAN modem and validate it has power and is turned On. Visually check that the LEDs are lit up.
    • If the lights are off, validate the power cable is connected to the ADTRAN modem. The power cable will connect to the ADTRAN modem labelled “Power.” Make sure the other end of the power cable is connected to a working power outlet.
    • The ADTRAN modem has an On/Off button. Make sure the button is pressed IN and set to On.
  2. Validate the ethernet cable is plugged into the ADTRAN modem labelled “10GE.” Validate the other end of the ethernet cable is connected to the eero Gateway.
  3. Check the eero Gateway and validate it has power. Visually check that the LEDs are lit up.
    • If the lights are off, validate the power cable is connected to the eero. Make sure the other end of the power cable is connected to a working power outlet.
  4. If issues remain, remove the power cable from the ADTRAN modem for 30 seconds. Plug the power cable back into the ADTRAN modem and wait 2 minutes.
  5. Remove the power cable from the eero Gateway for 30 seconds. Plug the power cable back into the eero and wait 2 minutes.
  6. Check your internet connection.
If you’re still having trouble, contact us, and we’ll help you get to the bottom of it.

My network is offline.

If your network is offline, you will want to troubleshoot your network. Below are the preferred steps to take.
  1. Plug it in: Make sure your eero and ADTRAN modem are both plugged into a power source. The lights on your modem and your eero’s LEDs should be on.
  2. Check the Ethernet connection: Check to see that your gateway eero and ADTRAN modem are both connected via Ethernet and that the Ethernet is properly plugged into both devices. It should make a clicking sound when inserted.
  3. Power cycle your eero and ADTRAN modem: If everything’s powered and connected to Ethernet, you can try power cycling your ADTRAN modem. Unplug it and replug it into power. Then wait until it fully boots back up – this should take about 2 minutes. Next power cycle your eeros. Then wait until it fully boots back up – this should take about 2 minutes. Wait until the lights on your eero are done blinking before trying to get back online.
Still having trouble? Contact us, and we’ll help you get to the bottom of it.

How do I view or change my network password?

It’s easy! You can view or change your network password anytime in the eero App. From the eero App main dashboard, tap Settings. Then tap on WiFi Password and you’ll be taken to a field to view/edit your network password. You can edit your password by tapping Edit password.

How do I run a speed test on my network?

The eero app automatically runs a speed test every two days. The results of the latest test can be found in the following ways:
  • Open the eero App and Tap the Activity Icon at the bottom of the page
  • Tap Speed
  • Tap Run Speed Test
Note: The results shown on the eero App test reflect the connection between your Gateway eero (Primary) and a speed test server. This test does not necessarily reflect the WiFi speeds of your network or devices.

What do the colors of the LED lights on my eero mean?

On the front of your eero, there is a LED status light. When everything is running correctly, your eero's light will be solid white. If your LED is in a different state, including a different color or is blinking/flashing, please refer to the list below:

How do I download the eero app?

The eero app is available for download in the Apple App Store and Google Play Store. Open the App Store or Google Play link on your mobile phone and search for ‘eero’ to locate the app. The eero app works on supported iOS and Android devices. iOS requirements:
  • Device running iOS 13 or later
Android requirements:
  • Device running Android 7.0 or later (tablets included)

What is the network health check feature?

If you ever experience an issue with your eero network, we encourage you to run a network health check through the eero application. We know how frustrating networking issues can be, so we designed our health check feature to help you quickly pinpoint any problems. How do I run a health check? In the eero app, you can access the health check by tapping on the Settings tab in the app and selecting Troubleshooting from the list of available options. Once you’ve arrived at the help page, you will find four different options at the top of the page. Select the problem statement that best represents the issue you’re experiencing:
  • My internet connection drops
  • My internet is slow
  • My internet is offline
  • My eero’s light is red
After selecting an option, the eero app will run a health check on your network to identify what’s going on. Once you follow the prompts, you will be presented with the results and suggested next steps. If you’re unable to fix the issue you’re experiencing, please don’t hesitate to contact support. We’re always happy to help!

I’m having trouble with my eero app.

If you’re having trouble with your app, we recommend trying the following:
  1. Make sure your mobile device is connected to the Internet. Check to see whether your cellular data is enabled and working, or connect to a hotspot or WiFi network, if available.
  2. Close your eero app and reopen it.
  3. Next try logging out of your eero account and logging back in.
  4. Try turning your phone off and turning it back on.
  5. If closing and relaunching the app, signing out and back in don’t work, try uninstalling the eero app and reinstalling it. This will ensure you have the most up-to-date version of the app available.
If you’re still experiencing problems with the app, don’t hesitate to give us a call.

How do I reboot my eero or network from the app?

If you need to reboot your individual eeros or your entire network, it’s as simple as tapping a button in the eero app. Why would I reboot my eero?  While most customers never need to reboot their eeros, power cycling your electronics is a common troubleshooting step. Also, for your convenience, being able to reboot your eeros from the app means you won't need to unplug each individual eero. Some common reasons to reboot your eeros:
  • You sense slow speeds on your network
  • You’re having an issue with one of your connected devices
  • A connected device is connected to the wrong eero
How do I reboot my eero?  To reboot your eero open the Home tab and tap on the Online status button in the top center of the screen. Tap on the eero you’d like to reboot to open its options menu, then scroll down to “Advanced.” Tap on the Restart button and then select “Restart eero” from the list of sub-options available.

How do I share my eero network with guests?

eero allows you to use your main network or a guest network when sharing your home WiFi with others. If you would like to create a guest network for visitors to your home, you can quickly do so from within the eero application. To get started on creating a guest network, take the following steps:
  1. Open the eero application
  2. Tap the Settings icon on the bottom right
  3. From the menu, tap on Guest Access 
  4. Toggle Enable to On
Once you have turned on Guest Access, you can edit the network name and password. It will automatically add Guest to the end of your current network name and will generate a password. You can change these to whatever you’d like. To share your network, you can either give your guests the network name and password or tap Share guest network to send them the credentials through a variety of messaging options like SMS, email, or Slack. You can also have your guests scan your unique QR code to instantly join your network. If you’d like to disable the guest network, you can do so at any time by following the same steps from above, and toggle Enable to Off. Any previously connected devices would then lose connectivity to your home network.

Does eero support 802.11ax?

Our latest products, eero 6 and eero Pro 6, now support 802.11ax (aka WiFi 6).

What happens if I turn off or remove an eero from my network?

If you turn off or remove an eero, the Zigbee devices connected to that eero will no longer be reachable. You will need to reconnect your Zigbee devices with Alexa using the Alexa app.

How do I update the phone number or email associated with my eero account?

You can update your mobile number and email address within the app. Please see the instructions below:
  • Tap the Setting icon in the bottom left corner of the app
  • Tap Account from the menu
  • Tap into the Mobile or Email field, type your changes, and tap Next
  • This will take you to a verification screen. You should receive a verification code either through phone or email – whichever you just updated
  • Enter the code in the verification screen to save your changes
If you’re having any issues with the app, please contact us.

Can I set my eero to use the 2.4 or 5 GHz frequency?

eero uses a single SSID that allows devices to live on both the 2.4 and 5 GHz radio frequency. This ensures your devices are able to move along eero's mesh efficiently, delivering the highest results to the devices throughout your entire home. Some devices require the use of the 2.4 GHz frequency. These devices are still usable with eero. If you are experiencing an issue with any particular device, we recommend referring to the manufacturer to see if they have any recommended steps. Additionally, in app versions 3.9.0 for iOS and 3.5.0 for Android, you can temporarily disable the 5GHz bands by tapping on Settings > Troubleshooting > 'My device won't connect', then tapping on the "Temporarily pause 5GHz" button. This will disable 5GHz for 10 minutes, which can help with setting up some 2.4GHz only devices.

How do I access my eero network if I get a new phone?

New phone? No problem! Your eero account is connected to your phone number and email, so if you purchase a new phone, simply install the eero app to your new device and log into your account. Since signing into the eero app requires a verification code, you will have the option to receive it at your phone number or email. Once logged in, you should see your network just as you left it.

What is Zigbee Smart Home Hub?

Both eero 6 and eero Pro 6 feature a built-in Zigbee smart home hub, making it easy to connect compatible devices with Alexa. So you can control certain lights, locks, plugs, and more—without the need to buy separate smart home hubs for your connected devices. Your eero works to connect your Zigbee devices, so you can save cost (and space) with a single hub.

What is a ‘hub’?

A smart home hub is a single device that connects all compatible devices allowing them to communicate with one another and be controlled through a single interface. Your eero 6 systems combine an eero node and a smart home hub into one single device.

How do I use eero’s built-in Zigbee smart home hub? 

In order to activate your built-in hub, you will need to link your eero and Amazon accounts inside of the eero app. Once linked, your smart home hub is enabled and you can start connecting compatible Zigbee devices with Alexa using the Alexa app or any Echo product using your eeros. You can control those Alexa-enabled devices with your voice and set up scenes and schedules to automate your home.

What Zigbee products can I connect to eero 6 and eero Pro 6?

eero 6 and eero Pro 6 support the same Zigbee accessories as Amazon Echo, Echo Plus, Echo Show, and Echo Studio with built-in Zigbee hub. Also look for devices with the Zigbee logo to know they’ll work with eero.

How many Zigbee devices can eero support?

eero 6 gateway and eero Pro 6 can support up to 50 Zigbee connected devices per eero.

How do I reset my Cable Modem?

  • First, make sure your computer is completely turned off.
  • Disconnect the power cord from the back of the cable modem or from the power outlet. If you are using a router disconnect the power supply from it as well.
  • After waiting approximately 60 seconds, reconnect the power cord to the modem and wait an additional minute for the modem to acquire a signal.
  • Then proceed to reconnect the power cord to the router and restart your computer.
  • Attempt to connect to two webpages to ensure a good connection.

I cannot connect to the internet. What should I do?

  • First, check all of the connections to your equipment to make sure none of them are loose or unplugged.
  • If you have our telephone service as well, and you get both your internet service & phone service from the same device, please contact our technical support at 1-888-975-4258.
  • Next, power down all of your equipment, including your computer, router (if you have one), and cable modem. For the cable modem this usually means unplugging the power lead that connects it to your power outlet. Then turn off any routers or computers that you have connected to the modem. Wait 2 minutes.
  • Then, reconnect the power lead for the modem. Wait at least 2 minutes, giving the modem time to establish a connection, then power on your router (if you have one), then your computer. Then try connecting to the internet.
  • If you are still unable to connect at this point, please contact our technical support.

How do I access my Vast email?

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