How to Set Up Speed Dial

  1. In Features Management, Navigate to Basic Features.
  2. At the Bottom of the Basic Features there are Speed Dial 8 and Speed Dial 100.
    • Speed Dial 8 – allows a user to set up to 8 speed dial numbers that can be called with the push of a button.
    • Speed Dial 100 – allows you to set up to 100 speed dial phone numbers or SIP-URI addresses that can be called with the push of a few buttons.

Speed Dial 8:

  1. Enter the Phone Number next to the Speed Dial Number (1-8) you want to program it for. Enter the Name of the contact.
  2. Click Apply.

Speed Dial 100:

  1. Click Speed Dial 100.
  2. Click Add.
  3. Choose the Speed Code 100 (2-digit code that will be programmed to the Phone Number).
  4. Fill out the Description (Name of Contact), Phone Number / SIP-URI (Phone Number).
  5. Click Apply.