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Small business IT and networking solutions from Bluepeak

You’re a specialist in your field, but you may not be an IT guy—or gal. With Bluepeak, you don’t need one. We can handle the intricacies of keeping your network fluid and effective. You’ll feel like you have your own IT department. Bluepeak can provide the following services:

Static IP Addresses

Having a static IP address is like owning the keys to the castle—your castle, complete with security moat. Even if other websites on your server run into problems, yours is protected. It’s all about access and security. With a dedicated static IP, anyone who’s trusted can be given secure access to the network and company data. If you’re on a virtual private network (VPN), we can configure dedicated (another word for static) IP addresses that connect you to your network, printers, security cameras, etc., from wherever you or your team happen to be.

Remote Diagnostics

If you have a problem somewhere along your network, we can perform remote diagnostics on your entire system and let you know where the breakdown is. If it’s related to our on-premise equipment, we can usually fix it remotely, too.

Managed Services

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Virtual integration is the real deal

Sometimes it’s both safe and useful to have all your eggs in one basket. SD WAN (Software Defined Wide Area Networks) is an innovative technology that minimizes material infrastructure and creates a secure virtual architecture for connecting users to the applications they need to access. Bluepeak offers SD WAN that integrates all the devices on your network—computers, printers, phones, TVs, cameras, etc.

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