Polycom VVX 500 & VVX 600 Business Media Phone

Quick User Guide

 For phones running Polycom® UC Software 4.0.1 or later 

Configurations vary and the screen displays used in this guide may not reflect those on your phone. See your system administrator for more information. For detailed information on how to use your phone, see the User Guide for the Polycom VVX 500 Business Media Phone available from the VVX 500 Support Web page.


Phone Views

 Your phone has four main Views: Home, Calls, Active Call, and Lines View (the default). 

To change Views: 

For Home View, press . 

From Home View, press  to display either Lines, Calls, or Active Call View. 

To switch between Lines View and either Calls or Active Call View, swipe the screen. 

Home View

 Home View displays icons you can tap to access phone functions. 

 Touch and hold  to display fewer icons. Touch and hold  or swipe the screen to display more icons. 

From Home View, tap the phone Line to display your phone Lines and Favorites—contacts you can dial by tapping their name. To go back, tap Close.