Blog: Fiber-Fueled Furry Fun: Bluepeak Tech Hub Partners with Pup Master Academy in Cheyenne

What has tails wagging in Cheyenne, Wyo., lately? Would you guess it’s the newest fiber internet service provider in town? That’s what Chris Keetley with Pup Master Academy shared about his golden retriever named Belamy during a recent Bluepeak Talk Time video conversation at the Bluepeak Tech Hub in Cheyenne.

“Yeah, he enjoys it here every time we pull up,” confirmed Keetley of his pup’s delight. “He gets very excited.”

What gets Belamy going is the puppy group classes Bluepeak has been hosting with Pup Master Academy at their recently opened Cheyenne Tech Hub. Pup Master Academy is a local dog training company, that specializes in puppy development and service dog training. Keetley stumbled onto the partnership with Bluepeak when he was searching for a community space to bring pets together and saw a Facebook post from Bluepeak that solved his problem.

“I reached out to [Bluepeak] and was pretty happy the internet provider had provided me a good place to do a dog group class,” Keetley recalled. “It’s been incredibly helpful. It’s been a huge hit. A lot of people really loved it.”

In addition to the community venue access, Keetley shared that Bluepeak’s internet service is critical to their business operations at Pup Master Academy.

“Having functioning internet definitely just makes life run quicker and smoother,” Keetley explained. “We have a pretty active Facebook page. We have all of our booking done online for the group classes and the private lessons and all that stuff. The way we communicate with most of our people is using internet.”

But what sets Bluepeak apart from other internet service providers, according to Keetley, is their commitment to not just providing internet service, but also contributing to the local community.

“Honestly, [Bluepeak has] been an incredible help. I’ve never had a service provider that’s gone above and beyond to help out the community like [them],” he said. “Obviously helping improve the WiFi is always a great thing, but I can say the fact that [Bluepeak does] more than just provide WiFi, but kind of help build the community I think that’s a good bit more special than what I’ve seen from a lot of other industries.”

Keetley ‘s testimonial highlights Bluepeak’s dedication to providing not just top-notch internet services, but also contributing to the betterment of the communities it serves. Bluepeak is not just a company that provides internet, but a company that builds connections, both online and in their communities.

For more on Pup Master Academy in Cheyenne, check out their website at, their Facebook page at, or call (307) 222-2485. Anyone interested in exploring partnership opportunities with Bluepeak or potential uses for the Bluepeak Tech Hub in Cheyenne can log onto