Fiber Install Process

Speed-of-light access to a world of connection may seem like a miracle, but physical work still needs to be done to get you there. (Don’t worry, we handle that part, too!)

The disruption is temporary, and once it’s completed, you’ll have fiberoptic internet in all corners of your home forevermore. Now that’s reach!

And in the time it takes to hook you directly into the source, your home itself will have increased in value by at least 3 percent, according to most studies.

Not only that, but you’ll have enough bandwidth to run your entire household—if that’s what you’re into. That doesn’t mean it’ll clean house, do the laundry, and put dinner on the table, but it does mean it can handle anything you want to connect to the internet. Like TVs, laptops, locks, lights, thermostats, or digital Pelotons.

Plus, when everyone else’s cable or telecom internet service throttles back to handle demand, yours will not be affected, because our fiber-optic line hooks directly into that place you call home.


The Process, Step-By-Step

Fiber makes a physical connection between the internet and your home

Now that your neighborhood is 100% fiber ready, the next step is to get the line into your home, either aerially or underground.

If you have a pole in your backyard, and your power line comes to your home overhead, we will attach the line to your home in the same area where your power line is attached.

If your utilities are underground you’ve probably already seen our infrastructure within your home’s utility easement. If not, look for a green box, a cabinet, or an in-ground vault. We refer to that as our pedestal. It’s usually behind or in front of your house and this is where we will connect the fiber line to your home.

This process is called the drop bury, which means dropping and safely burying a fiber line from our cabinet to your house. You don’t need to be home unless you have dogs or a locked gate. But you’ll still want to know how we plan to do it, so read this step-by-step process.

When a tech comes to bury your drop, you don’t need to be home unless you have dogs or a locked gate. But you’ll still want to know how the work will be completed, so read this step-by-step process.

If you are home, before we bury the line from our pedestal to your home, our tech will take you outside to show you the best location. You can suggest another place. We’re always open to your input, because you know your yard better than we do. And rest assured: a Bluepeak representative will call in locates to the State 811 (Call before you dig) administrator to make sure that all your underground utilities are properly located beforehand. If you have a dog containment or sprinkler system, please work with us to locate those items.

We’ll first place the line temporarily on your lawn, after the fiber installation, but it will be buried within 14 to 21 business days—as long as the ground isn’t frozen. If the ground is frozen, we’ll come back ASAP after the ground thaws, which is usually in the spring. If it’s been rainy and wet, we’ll likely delay burying the drop until the ground is dry.

We sometimes use equipment but most often hand bury the drop to run the fiber underground with minimal disruption. The method we use to bury drops sews the drop into your yard.

Step One: Laying the Line

Step Two: Prepping to Bury the Drop

Water the affected area every day for a week, and within a short period, your lawn will be back to normal. Note: The burial process may require boring under driveways or sidewalks.

After this work is complete, we will restore any lawn and landscaping that was affected.

Step Three: Drop has been Buried

Steps 4 & 5: Restoration & Clean Up

Drop Bury is Complete

Keep in mind that this installation and restoration phase is temporary,

a one-time project to install state-of-the-art technology that will bring you years of super-high-speed internet. This investment in fiber to your home is one you will never regret.

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