How to Switch from Mobility and UC-One to Webex

Webex is a collaboration application for calling, messaging, and meeting from any device. This document provides a step-by-step process to activate the Webex license and set up the Webex app.

  1. Log out of all your Vast Mobility or UC One sessions and close the application.
  2. Click the link Bluepeak Webex Activation Portal.
  3. Enter your current Vast Mobility or UC One credentials.
    • Username: Your desk phone (
    • Password: Your current Vast password. If you do not know your password, please call us at 866-991-7490.
  4. Enter your email address and click “Submit.” You will receive a verification email to finalize the activation process.
  5. In the body of the email, click “Join now“.
  6. Choose the appropriate download link for your device.
  7. In the Setup Wizard, click “Next” to continue.
  8. Click the “Sign in” button.
  9. Enter your email address again.
  10. Enter your Username and Password again.
  11. Click “Agree” for End User License Agreement.
  12. Click “OK” for the Emergency Calling Notification.

You have now completed the installation and activation process.