How to Set up Speed Dial

  1. Go to Account > Cloud PBX > Users > Devices tab.
  2. Scroll down to the device and click Edit.
  3. Then locate the line you want to modify the assignment details on and expand it.

Line 1 will always be assigned the Device Line type. It cannot be changed.

Other Lines:

  1. Under Line Configuration, choose a line type. Click Edit.
  2. Under Type (highlighted in Yellow), Choose Speed Dial from the drop down.
  3. Under Assignment (highlighted in Yellow), Choose the Contact you desire to Assign. Click [Save] after any changes!
    • If you want to setup a Custom Speed Dial. Click the Custom Speed Dial from the drop down in Assignment.
    • Fill out the requirements such as Speed dial (Phone Number), Speed Dial Display Name (Contact Name you wish to Display). Click [Save]after any changes!