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Fiber internet with Wi-Fi is included for small to medium businesses. And our upload/download speeds will astonish with speeds as high as 10 Gbps.


Whole Business Wi-Fi

eero™ is a mesh Wi-Fi system that uses multiple eero™ devices to blanket your business with strong, fast, and secure Wi-Fi coverage.  It includes an eero™ app so you can manage, troubleshoot, and edit your eero™ network from anywhere.

eero™ Secure

Advanced Network Protection

You’re right, it’s not just about speed. Security is also essential.

With your business package, we include the latest Wi-Fi eero devices. This powerful network-security subscription protects your devices from online threats, ads, and content you don’t want to see, tailored by you.

  • Advanced Network Security
  • Ad Block
  • SafeSearch
  • Content Filtering
  • Block & Allow Sites

eero™ Plus

eero Plus has all the features of eero Secure plus four important services for password management and boosted security: 1Password, Guardian, Malwarebytes, and DDNS.

Attention eero Plus subscribers: We’re excited to inform you about a new VPN powered by Guardian offering as part of your current eero Plus subscription, available now. Guardian will continue to help you browse the web privately and securely. To manage the VPN on iOS, Android, and FireOS devices, you can access and turn on the Guardian VPN on your device directly from the eero app. Your eero Plus subscription currently also includes the benefit of an VPN subscription. With the transition to Guardian VPN, you will be unable to redeem a subscription to after August 31. If you would like to subscribe to, please do so before this date.

You can manage your subscription at or through your Apple/Google settings. For more information, please visit this article.


With 1Password you only need to memorize a single password. Use it for everything to protect all your information if you don’t share it. You are in control of who knows your password.


VPN powered by Guardian, for when you’re home and away. Make your connection secure and private, even on public Wi-Fi.


Malwarebytes blocks ransomware attacks. Protect yourself from identity threats, system sabotage, and unauthorized tracking.

eero DDNS

Create an easy-to-remember hostname for your network and connect from anywhere using eero DDNS (Dynamic DNS).

eero™ for Business

Available in Select Fiber Areas

A Wi-Fi solution your business can rely on. It combines world-class mesh Wi-Fi hardware with intuitive business software to provide businesses with an easy-to-use Wi-Fi system that works seamlessly end to end.

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