Bluepeak Survey: Fast and Affordable Internet Boosts Education and Jobs

Top stats from Bluepeak's ACP customer survey results.

(DENVER) Aug. 23, 2023 — Internet consumers benefitting from the Affordable Connectivity Program (ACP) are experiencing significant improvement in education and employment opportunities, according to the results of a survey of Bluepeak Internet customers conducted in August.

The survey results indicate subscribers in ACP households were able to find jobs, apply for financial aid or college, do homework, participate in distance learning, and more. In addition, some reported having home internet helped a member of their household become a first-generation college graduate, according to the Bluepeak survey findings.

The ACP is a Federal Communications Commission (FCC) program launched in December 2021 that helps qualified low-income households pay for internet service. Under the ACP program, eligible households may receive a discount on internet service of up to $30 per month. Households on qualifying tribal lands can receive a discount of up to $75 per month. Bluepeak has participated in the program since 2022.

Findings from the August 2023 survey include:


  • In 73% of ACP households, Bluepeak users reported moderate-to-significant improvement in their ability to access the internet.
  • More than one-in-four Bluepeak customers, or 28%, shared they had used home internet to apply for financial aid or to attend higher education.
    • That share jumped to 85% for college students and 46% for families with school-age children.


  • Nearly half of respondents, or 44%, indicated they had experienced improved educational opportunities or achievements since getting home internet through the ACP.
  • In 81% of households with school-age children, subscribers indicated Bluepeak internet improved their communication with their child’s teacher.


  • More than one-in-four, or 27%, of ACP households reported gaining skills or certifications through their home internet connection.
    • For college students, the figure was 54%. Households with school-age children confirmed the same at a frequency of 39%.

“We’re very proud of the our work to bring fast, affordable, reliable internet to our communities,” said Bluepeak Chief Commercial Officer Lana Frank. “The customer feedback from this survey is a powerful illustration that Bluepeak service and the Affordable Connectivity Program are having positive impacts on education, employment, and lives, bridging the digital divide for those who need it most.”

Bluepeak conducted the electronic survey between August 8-20, reaching out to nearly 2,000 of its internet customers receiving the ACP benefit in Minnesota, Oklahoma, South Dakota, and Wyoming and gathering feedback from 229 total respondents. The intent of the survey was to better understand the needs of ACP customers and reach more people in need of the benefit.

Those interested in enrolling in the ACP benefit with Bluepeak can click here to find details and apply online. Once the application is complete, eligible users can contact Bluepeak to enroll and set up service.

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