Blog: Stonecloud Brewing Company Finds Reliable Partner in Bluepeak Fiber

(STILLWATER, Okla.) Aug. 14, 2023 – The Bluepeak Fiber team takes pride in the success and achievements of its customers. In Stillwater, there’s no better example of a small business doing big things in the community than Stonecloud Brewing Company.

About Stonecloud Brewing Company

Founded in 2017 in Oklahoma City, Stonecloud quickly became a notable fixture in the local brewing scene. In June of 2022, the Stonecloud team extended their reach by opening a vibrant new taproom in Stillwater. Recognizing the critical importance of a reliable internet connection in today’s business landscape, Stonecloud set out to find a reliable partner.

Man stands behind a bar in a brewery.

Stonecloud Brewing Company General Manager of the Stillwater Taproom Matt Sullins stands ready to pour a tall one at the bar of Stonecloud’s Stillwater, Oklahoma, location on July 10, 2023.

A Shift in Perspective with Bluepeak Fiber

Stonecloud’s General Manager for the Stillwater Taproom Matt Sullins emphasized the necessity of a stable internet connection for their operations. Sullins shared, “We use the internet for absolutely everything. We offer free WiFi to our guests. Our point of sale (POS) system, music, even our printer runs off the internet.” Unfortunately, their initial experience with another internet provider was spotty at best and a source of frustration.

Sullins’ dissatisfaction with the previous provider led him to a better solution from Bluepeak Fiber. He eagerly signed up Stonecloud for Bluepeak Fiber service as soon as it became available in the area.

The front exterior of Stonecloud Brewing Co. in Stillwater, Oklahoma.

The front of Stonecloud Brewing Company at its Stillwater, Oklahoma, location on July 10, 2023.

Seamless Operations with Bluepeak Fiber

Sullins attested, “A reliable internet connection is something we cannot operate without and Bluepeak Fiber has provided us with that at an affordable price. The customer service is a nice change from what we’ve experienced in the past, and the service runs without interruption.” With Bluepeak Fiber’s support, Stonecloud has been able to focus on what truly matters – delivering exceptional experiences to its patrons and making a meaningful impact on the community.

A Ripple Effect of Success

Beyond brewing, the Stonecloud team’s influence extends to their active involvement in the community. Sullins serves on the boards of the Humane Society of Stillwater as well as the Saville Center for Child Advocacy, a local force for positive change. Furthermore, the community recently singled out the Stonecloud team for several recognitions in the 2023 Best of Stillwater awards, including top rankings for best brewery, best small employer, best staff, best patio, best spot for family entertainment, and more.

The back patio of Stonecloud Brewing, adorned with a mural done by a local artist.

The back patio of Stonecloud Brewing, adorned with a mural done by a local artist.

People stand in the outdoor patio space at Stonecloud Brewing.

Billy Parker, Bluepeak Vice President of Sales, observes the Stonecloud Brewing Company outdoor patio space with Matt Sullins and other Bluepeak representatives.

A Resounding Recommendation

Reflecting on their partnership with Bluepeak Fiber, Matt shared, “I recommend Bluepeak to everyone I get the chance to.”

Fostering Collective Success

The success story of Stonecloud Brewing Company demonstrates how a small business can have an outsize impact on its community. As Bluepeak Fiber continues to empower local businesses with reliable services, it’s reasonable to expect more stories of triumph, resilience, and community impact.

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About Bluepeak Fiber

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