How to Share Screen

  1. While on a meeting Click the Share button. (Red arrow below)
  2. Choose the desired Screen you would like to Share. Then click Share.
  3. To Expand Meeting Controls, click the Expand (Red Arrow Below).
    1. Assign – You can assign a different presenter.
    2. Microphone (Mute / Unmute).
    3. Stop Video (Turns Video Off).
    4. Recorder (Records the Meeting).
    5. Participants – View who is in the meeting.
    6. Apps – Launch Apps in the meeting.
  4. For More Options, Click More (at the end of Meeting Controls).
    • Below is a list of options in More.
  5. Once you have shared the desired screen. At the top of that screen there are a list of menus.
    • Microphone (Mute / Unmute)
    • Pause (Pause Sharing of the Screen)
    • Stop (Stop Sharing the Screen)