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What is Hosted Voice?

It’s the last phone you’ll never have to buy. Hosted Voice is a fully hosted IP PBX solution that includes all the phones and service you need for one monthly rate. Why buy phones that will depreciate and become obsolete in a few years? Our phone solution ensures your business has the latest phones with zero maintenance costs and free installation. Plus, enjoy amazing cloud-based management tools, like hosted call recording, hosted call reporting and a web-based system management portal.


Already have hosted voice?

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How much does it cost?

Call us for exact pricing, but we offer a monthly price for all of your business phone needs. You will be provided with the newest phones and no upgrade costs. There are no maintenance fees and this product includes LTE backup

How Do I Find the Features of My Devices?

User guides for each series can be found below. Quick tips are at the bottom of each user guide.

What if phones go down?

Bluepeak Hosted Voice provides your business with an option to use 4G LTE Failover solution, so that when your primary network connection temporarily goes down, you can remain connected with a 4G LTE Backup. No more lost productivity or lost sales due to internet service problems, finally a simple and affordable way to have business continuity.

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