Vast is Bluepeak FAQs

Why is Vast Broadband changing their name?

Bluepeak is not just a name change, it’s what Vast is evolving into, a brand that is part of a bigger vision, where we see the possibilities for the future with new and better technology. Read more about our vision for Bluepeak here.


What is changing? Will my price go up? Will the Vast employees change?

We’re becoming a new type of internet provider to meet the needs for how we all use the internet today.

Prices will not change because we become Bluepeak. Occasionally, we do adjust pricing, driven by outside factors and not related to Bluepeak.

The Vast folks who live and work in your community will work at Bluepeak. They’ll just have new trucks and uniforms.


Will my services change?

No, the same services you enjoy today will remain, but with Bluepeak’s focus on future technology, we are committed to upgrading your tv viewing experience. When appropriate, we will replace EOL (end of life) models of your tv box with newer technology including easier-to-use- guides and a sleeker design.


Will my billing statement change?

You will notice a new look to your statement, but nothing will change to your services other than no longer seeing “Vast” included by a product name.


Does my payment process change?

See below for each type of payment method:

  • Auto pay or EFT (checking/debit account withdrawal): there is nothing you need to do. Your banking institution/credit card will now pay to Bluepeak with your same account number.
  • One-time online bill pay: After June 1 you will be redirected from to the new easypay site, which is, we suggest changing your bookmark in your browser to this new site starting June 1.
  • Mail check: Continue to mail your check to the same address (see below) but change the payee’s name to Bluepeak starting with any check dated June 1, 2022, or later. Payment address: PO Box 5002 Sioux Falls, SD 57117-5002.
  • Pay in store with cash or check: continue to visit your local payment center, which will be updated with new signage starting in June. Any change to business or hours will be posted in advance. Each of our locations also has an after-hours payment drop box. See locations here.


Will my local Vast store/payment office change?

No. Please continue to visit your local service center for payments, equipment needs, and anything else you currently visit us for. The center will be updated with new signage starting in June. Any change to business hours will be posted in advance.


How can I access my Vast email?

Navigate right on over to to access!


What do I have to look forward to?

We are raising the bar with a new level of unlimited data internet, streaming video options, and an exceptional experience, all from the same people you have come to know and trust!


Tell us about your new name, what does it mean?

The name Bluepeak captures a few things. First it’s our nod to the place our communities call home, inspirted by the big skies and open land, from the plains to the mountains. And figuratively, it’s our aspiration to meet you at the apex, the summit, the peak of possibility.


When does Vast Broadband become Bluepeak?

June 1, 2022, Vast becomes Bluepeak and our journey to push the boundaries of possibility for our communities begins!


I still see Vast signage/trucks around town after June 1, 2022, why?

Although there is still Vast signage in the area and on trucks after June 1, 2022, we are doing business as Bluepeak. We are moving as fast as we can to replace Vast with Bluepeak in the Community.