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What is Bluepeak TV?

Bluepeak TV is live TV made simple. We’ve followed the trends in viewing to introduce a solution that is more aligned with how you want to watch TV today. It’s as simple as downloading the Bluepeak TV app and installing in on your favorite devices. Bluepeak TV can be viewed on a smartphone, tablet, or PC. You can even take it on the road and access many channels on the go, wherever you are. If you’d rather watch on your TV, you can use your preferred streaming device or the Bluepeak HD set-top box is included! In addition, the cloud-based DVR feature allows you to set recordings via any device and watch content on your terms.

How can I watch Bluepeak TV?

You can watch Bluepeak TV through the app on your preferred streaming device or on our HD set-top box. Many of the popular streaming devices—like your smartphone, Apple TV or Amazon Fire TV—support the Bluepeak TV app. You can find a full listing of supported devices here.

How do I launch the Bluepeak TV app on the Bluepeak set-top box?

Simply press the “My TV” button on the Bluepeak remote.

How many HD set-top boxes can I rent from Bluepeak?

The first one is included. After that, you can rent as many as you like for only $5.00 a month!

How do I record a program?

Locate the program you want to record on the Guide, click the OK button on the remote, and select Record.

How do I access my recordings?

Press the “My TV” button on the Bluepeak remote. Arrow to your profile icon between the movies and the search function. Click the OK button on the Bluepeak remote.

If I record a show in my cloud storage, can I watch it away from home?

Yes, for most content you will be able to watch it away from home. There may be some instances where the programmer has a contractual restriction on a specific program that would make it not available for viewing outside the home. If this happens, though, it’s a restriction based on the program by the content owner and is outside of Bluepeak’s control. Our policy is to give you as much freedom and flexibility as possible.

How many shows can I record at once?

As many as you like.

Can I order pay-per-view through Bluepeak TV?

Unfortunately, PPV is not available from Bluepeak TV.

I have questions on how to use the HD set-top box. Where can I find more information?

Can I set my “favorite channels” on Bluepeak TV?

You cannot preselect favorite channels. However, Bluepeak TV will save the last several channels you watched and keep them as shortcuts under “Recently Watched.”