Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Webex app?

Webex app is a highly collaborative, easy-to-use, and secure app for calling, meeting, and messaging from any device to help companies and users improve work streams and meeting experiences.


How can I switch to the Webex app?

You can download the app as well as a step-by-step process document to install and activate the app at


Will Webex include all the features available for Mobility?

Webex has many features for calling, collaborating, messaging, and meeting with colleagues, customers, and contacts. Except for 2 less popular features, it has all the functionality Mobility has PLUS other advanced meeting features and so much more.

  • Two features currently unavailable are:
    • The Favorites feature that also displayed contacts on the desktop device.
    • The functionality that allowed Mobility chats and the Unity product IMs to be visible in both applications within Enterprise. Once upgraded to Drive UC with Webex, IM chats in Unity and Messaging in Webex will be separate.


Is there a price increase for using this app?

No. There is no change to your monthly pricing unless you upgrade or change your current package. The current retail value is $5 per month. You may notice a new product name on your statement to Webex starting in December.


Is this upgrade optional?

No. All users will be required to switch from Mobility to Webex by December 6, as Mobility will soon cease functioning, and the app will be decommissioned.